Boveda 2 way humidity control pack - Starter kit, Small

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What's the best way to protect a wood instrument like a guitar from changes in humidity?

Boveda—it's precise, automatic and maintenance-free. Just load the packs into the fabric holder, slip them into your guitar or instrument case and your work is done. (No more wetting and rewetting sponges and hoses!)

For months, Boveda will maintain the perfect humidity balance for that instrument—whatever its surroundings call for. And protect against humidity fluctuations that can damage an instrument, affect its sound and playability and cost you money (and time) at the repair shop.

This all-in-you-need kit includes:  

One (1) Single (1-Pouch) Fabric Holder:
  • The patented interior material allows water vapor to pass through to instrument.
  • Gives added protection while extending the life of the Boveda.
  • The exterior is soft fabric, so it doesn’t scratch your instrument.

Two (2) 49% RH Size 70:
  • Keeps a wood instrument in the safe zone to prevent cracking, warping and other costly repairs.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
  • Learn how to position the holders and maintain your instrument with Boveda.