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Here are some frequently asked questions about our guitars.

If you have any more questions, please contact us at:

Q: Can I take your guitar on a plane?

A: Yes! Snapdragon Guitars were designed with that exact purpose in mind. All of our guitars are within the specifications of airline carry on luggage, including Ryanair and Easyjet.

Q: What does the guitar come with?

A: All our guitars come with a gig bag specific to that model and a set of allen keys for adjustments. We don't include any documents with our guitars in order to save paper. Instruction PDFs can be sent on request. The E-Flite, E-Bass and Evertune models also come with an extra ECB bag included.

Q: What strings do you use? Do I need special strings?

A: We use 11-52 Phosphor Bronze gauge strings for our Acoustic models and 11-49 Nickel strings for our Electric models. You don't need specialist strings for our guitars, you can use whatever brand or gauge you like. However, a light string gauge will result in tuning instability so we recommend you use 10 gauge and up.

Q: Do I need an amplifier? Can I plug my headphones into the guitar?

A: All of our guitars come with pickups and can be used with conventional amplifiers. Our Traxe and AKA models have a natural acoustic output so do not require an amplifier, but come with pickups if extra volume is needed. You will need an amplifier with a headphone output or a dedicated headphone amplifier to use headphones with our guitars.

Q: Will my guitar stay in tune?

A: Yes! Our pivot design means that once the guitar is in it's folded position, it will stay in tune just like a conventional guitar. You will need to tune the guitar every time you unfold it, however, once it's in place, it's ready to go. Our Evertune models once set up will hold their tune when folded.

Q: What happens if something goes wrong?

A: All our guitars come with a warranty which can be found on our terms and conditions page. If you ever have any issues with your guitar, please contact and we'll be happy to help.

Q: Do you do mods or custom orders?

A: Short answer, No. Long answer, We make all our models using specific processes to keep the prices as low as possible. Any deviations from this are too expensive and time consuming for us to consider. There are some VERY limited exceptions to this, such as choosing between the two nut widths, but if you're looking for different materials, colours, pickups, or other spec changes, that's something we cannot do.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on this?

A: VAT (20%) is included in the price of our guitars. This applies to all orders inside the UK. Any order placed outside of this area will automatically have this amount removed from their order total. Import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price. For more information on this, please see our Shipping policy

Q: How much are shipping costs?

A: World wide FREE shipping on all orders. For more information on international deliveries, please see our Shipping policy


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