Repairs and Set Up

We can now offer a range of set up and repair services. Here are some of the services we can offer. 

Re-string (price doesn't include the cost of strings)

Acoustic  - £20

Electric - £20

12 String - £30

Floating trem - £30 

Set ups (Including re-string, price doesn't include the cost of strings) 

Acoustic Guitars - £50

Electric Guitars - £60

12 String Guitars - £70

Floating Tremolos - £70


Fretwork (all work includes set up)

Fret Dress - £75

Re-fret and Dress - £200



Trouble shoot and repair - From £20 + parts

Pickup replacement - From £40 + parts

Shielding - £50


All prices are a guide and will depend on the detail of the work you want undertaking. If you've got any questions, give us a call or email to work out what we can offer for you and book an appointment.

10% discount for any Snap Dragon Guitar owner, just show us your order number. 


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