About Us

When keen guitarist, Gerry Dale, began travelling frequently by air, he was dismayed to learn how difficult it was to carry a conventional instrument on board an aircraft.

A quick web search revealed a number of folding or collapsible guitars, but almost all of them featured partial dismantlement, hinges in awkward places or unusual tuning mechanisms. What Gerry wanted was an instrument that felt like a standard guitar, with conventional tuning and set-up, but could also switch from storage to playing mode in a moment with ease.

As an engineer and designer with over 50 years of experience, and with a reputation as somewhat of a mad scientist, Gerry felt he was up to the task. After starting out by making his own personal guitars, Gerry found he was getting interest from friends and other musicians he met on his travels. And so, Snap Dragon Guitars was born!

From those small beginnings, Snap Dragon Guitars has gone from strength to strength. We no run out of our workshop in Chelmsford, Essex. Every Snap Dragon is designed and made in the UK, finished and set up by hand and shipped all over the world. 

Easy to use and fun to play, Snap Dragon guitars are a must have item for musicians on the move. It’s time for the world to go on tour with Snap Dragon Travel Guitars.