Back to School: Essential Tips for Guitar Players

Back to School: Essential Tips for Guitar Players

As the summer holidays come to a close, it's time for guitar players to put down their beach towels and pick up their guitars as they head back to school. Balancing academic responsibilities with musical pursuits can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can continue to excel in both areas. Here are some essential tips for guitar players returning to school, and for newcomers who are picking up their instruments for the first time.

Create a Schedule: Balancing school work and guitar playing isn't always easy, but some kind of routine will certainly help. You can create a daily or weekly schedule that allocates specific time for practicing the guitar. Treat these practice sessions with the same importance as your study sessions, remember that taking time off of school work for your passions will always help you get the best out of both. Also remember that guitar practice doesn't have to be long to reap rewards. Short, focused practice sessions can be just as productive.

Have a dedicated space: If it's possible, a dedicated practice space in your home is the best way to keep at your instrument, it makes it so much easier to jump into practice sessions quickly, this means that whenever the moment takes you you can pick up your guitar and play. Removing any impediments to playing, where maybe some other activity is more accessible is one of the key to regular practice.

Join a School Music Club or Band: One of the best ways to get the most out of playing an instrument is to play with other people. Many schools have music clubs, bands, or ensembles that offer opportunities to play. Joining one of these groups not only enhances your musical skills but also allows you to bond with like-minded peers, which can lead to even more music and creativity outside of school.

Invest in a headphone amp and Noise-Canceling Headphones: Silent practice, inside or out of school hours is often essential these days. As a result, plugging your guitar into a headphone amp with some noise-canceling headphones can be a lifesaver. You can practice quietly without disturbing others or being disrupted by external noise. Some like the Boss Katana Air even have built in amplifiers and effects. With that said, there are some great options out there for every budget.

Embrace Online Resources: School guitar lessons are the bedrock of most players journeys. However, unsurprisingly, the internet is a treasure trove of guitar lessons and tutorials. Utilize online resources, such as YouTube tutorials and guitar forums, to enhance your skills and find inspiration. However, always remember to share this with your teacher or parents. They can provide guidance, support and context for whatever you find.

Be Patient and Flexible: Lastly, remember that balancing school and guitar can be challenging, and there will be times when one takes precedence over the other. Be patient with yourself and flexible in adjusting your schedule when necessary and remember it's supposed to be fun!

Balancing school and a passion for playing the guitar is indeed possible with the right approach. By creating a structured schedule, setting achievable goals, and staying organized, you can continue to excel academically while honing your musical talents. With dedication and perseverance, you can make the most out of your back-to-school season as a guitar player.