Snap Dragon Bass Travel Guitars

The Snap Dragon E-Bass is unmatched in the travel guitar world. Not only is it a compact bass that can be taken as carry on luggage on any airline. It has a neck design which gives you all the feel and pliability of your full sized bass, in a short scale package.

Unmatched playability

By using 17 frets on a 29" short scale neck, we've made room for more traditional fret spacing. No more need to compromise on cramped fingerboards.The Snap Dragon e-Bass the perfect practice tool for the traveling bassist.

Lightweight construction

Using bamboo for the body has allowed us to make a lightweight guitar that is also strong and durable. The single coil pickup offers classic bass tones and the adjustable saddles at the bridge mean the guitar can be set up to your preferred spec. 

Ready to Travel 

Put all this together and you have a guitar ready to play wherever you want to go. Snap Dragon guitars were built for travel and all our models are small enough and light enough to take as carry on luggage on any flight.