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The Ultimate Compact Guitar


Guitars like you've never experienced

Snap Dragon offer a no-compromise travel guitar. Easy to use, fun to play and available worldwide in electric, bass and accoustic versions. Fold it up, take it on a plane as carry on luggage or just store it neatly at home. Wherever you need it, the world's most portable guitar will be ready to go





The ultimate folding accoustic guitar in three different models by Snap Dragon Guitars. Choose between 4 unique models

The ultimate travel accoustic guitar

The ultimate travel electric guitar. Available in teo foldable models you'll wonder how you ever left home without a Snap Dragon

Play it live, anywhere, any time

The ultimate travel bass guitar by Snap Dragon Guitars. Pick up the e-Bass and you'll wonder how you ever left home without it

The world's first folding Bass


Returning from lock down

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